OEW also represents Tractel Secalt S.A., Luxemburg (part of the Tractel Group), for building maintenance units for high rise buildings, temporary access suspended platforms, climb assist, lifts, rescue equipment and fall arrest safety equipment. OEW also handles on-site installations and maintenance pan-India for the permanent and temporary access solutions like building maintenance units, monorails, gantries etc.

A suspended platform is fundamentally meant to lift people and their numerous pieces of equipment to the desired altitude. It provides a medium for accomplishing errands such as painting, decorating, refurbishing, jointing, and maintenance at places that are situated at greater heights. The complete system generally includes a couple of hoists along with support wheels, suspended by means of steel wire ropes from a suspension structure.

Also termed as cradle system, the suspended platform is employed in an eclectic range of structures including:

  • In an assorted number of commercial buildings such as offices, warehouses, and myriad shopping centers.
  • Industrial structures of the likes of storage tanks and factories.
  • A plethora of stadiums and entertainment locations.
  • Offshore installation venues (Lighthouses, oil rigs, sea walls, and jetties).
  • For accomplishing a variety of chores in residential buildings.
  • Repairing works in monuments, heritage, and historical restoration sites.

Once in place, suspended platforms help in fulfilling an extensive number of tasks including cladding, construction, painting, glazing, and maintenance.

Why are suspended platforms in vogue?

Previously, overseeing high-rise buildings was a mammoth task. Consequently, you would see people employing wooden planks and hanging several meters from the ground level. Wielding this technique proved inefficient and hazardous as it ditched the safety factors. Fortunately, with the progression of technology, the development of suspended platforms has tremendously assisted in such tasks with increased safety and efficiency. As a result, it is now feasible to reach significant altitudes with these devices.

How to find elite Suspended platform manufacturers?

Searching for suspended platform providers can be a daunting task? Luckily, OEW fulfills the demands of its large user base by being a partner of Tractel Secalt, one of the elite suspended platforms manufacturers.