Oriental Engineering Works Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 1938 at Lahore (now in Pakistan) and began with the manufacture of cold-start horizontal diesel engines. The company was relocated to its present premises after the partition of India. Later, the company pivoted to the manufacture of hydraulic equipment and is still manufacturing high pressure cylinders, pumps, and hydraulic systems under the brand name Tangee. Apart from manufacturing Tangee products, OEW has also been the sole selling agent in India for The Roemheld Gruppe (Germany) since 1988, a manufacturer for Impulse Pumps BV (the Netherlands) since 2004, and a distribution, installation, and service partner for Tractel Secalt S.A. (Luxembourg) since 2016.


OEW can fulfil most needs from concept creation to installation and maintenance, as per the partner’s requirements.

It can provide:

  • An engineering and production service where it can manufacture multiple variants of products with complex production processes in custom batch sizes simultaneously.
  • Technical assistance and expertise both pre-quotation and post-sales for companies wanting to set up new distribution channels in India.
  • Any other combination of services for engineering, manufacturing, sales, servicing etc.
  • OEW brings the following to the table:

    Process Control: Since most of the manufacturing processes exist inhouse, the entire production process can be controlled and improved.

    Adaptability: Any feedback or change can be easily incorporated into the service implementation of production process.

    Co-creation: OEW works with its partners to make the ideal product using the ideal methods. The design and production processes are optimised parallelly for the best outcome.

    Constant improvement: OEW has followed a policy of continual upgradation in design and manufacturing. New technologies and better practices are being adopted constantly.

    Technical Ability: As OEW has experience in different types of tasks and situations, it is capable of fulfilling a large variety of requirements.

    Our In-house Facilities:

  • A fully equipped machine shop with lathes, turn-mills, milling, boring, drilling, honing, sawing, cylindrical grinding machines of various sizes and capacities. A majority of the machines are CNC and compatible with CAM programs.
  • A foundry with sand mould, gravity mould and investment casting along with heat treatment facilities for hardening and nitriding. Cast iron, SG iron, stainless steel, aluminium, gunmetal and phosphor bronze are melted and used. A 3D printer is also available inhouse for the investment casting process.
  • A fabrication unit with a CNC press brake, high precision welding tables, CNC plasma and oxygen cutter and rotary welding manipulator with MIG and Arc welding.
  • A painting and plating unit capable of hard chrome plating, electroless nickel plating, zinc plating, chemical blackening, phosphating, hard anodising, and ED coating along with spray painting, powder coating and zinc thermal spray coating.
  • Full assembly and testing facilities available inhouse for all our products.
  • We also have a team of technically trained employees all over the country for pre-sales and after-sales activities.